For over 60 million American’s acid reflux disorder is an ongoing struggle.

Acid reflux disorder introduces symptoms that range from chest and abdomen pain to difficulty swallowing or the regurgitation of acidic liquid.

“Many people don’t realize that a simple increase in vitamins can often help those who suffer from acid reflux disorder,” said Steve Smith, co-owner of Prime IV Riverwoods. “However, using supplements to aid acid reflux disorder only works as well as our body’s capacity to absorb nutrients. IV remedy offers 100% absorption of the supplements that can offer lasting relief.”

While there are a few prescriptions and over-the-counter treatments for acid reflux disorder, they are known to result in a few unpleasant side effects including:

– Vitamin B-12 deficiency
– Diarrhea
– Low magnesium
– Kidney damage
– Swelling of the abdominal lining

This is why increasing numbers of people are embracing IV therapy to battle acid reflux. Many reports have shown a solid relationship between an increase in supplements and a reduction in acid reflux disorder symptoms while contributing no major side effects mentioned previously.

The very best vitamins for battling acid reflux disorder are:

– Vitamin A
– Vitamin B
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E

Prime IV offers several drips that are filled with these vitamins that are designed to maximize health advantages while providing 100% absorption. These streamlined IV’s skip the digestive system and start to saturate the blood with one of these much-needed supplements in under an hour. Once these vitamin levels have been raised to a sufficient level, often they could be taken care of through lifestyle and diet changes.